Here at Back2Wellbeing, not only do we care about our patients and employees, but we want to help the wider community anyway we can. Hope for Food are a charitable organisation based here in Bournemouth, founded by Claire Matthews in 2012 they aim to provide life’s basic essentials (which many of us may take for granted) to people in need of help. Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate many individuals and families go through tough times, have to live on a budget and even succumb to homelessness but through their efforts, Hope for Food aim to aid and eventually eradicate this.

To quote their mission statement,

“Hope for Food’s mission is to assist men, women and children in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, who are either homeless or living in poverty, by providing fresh food at our soup kitchens and hampers of food, good quality clothing, bedding and household goods, where needed. We aim to preserve the dignity of those we help and treat everyone with the utmost respect, without judgement. We help anyone who reaches out to us in need.”

The founder of Back2Wellbeing has previously volunteered for Hope for Food and was absolutely blown away by the work they do. Not only is the work they do phenomenal, but no one takes a wage from this. In some charitable organisations there may be an individual or group who receives a salary but not at Hope for Food, they are solely ran and operated by volunteers which certainly emphasises the good nature, values and ethos of the organisation.

In light of all of this, Back2Wellbeing is extremely proud to say that since early 2019, we have been in collaboration with Hope for Food therefore every time we perform our treatments, a proportion of what we earn goes to Hope for Food as a donation. Below you can find a link to their website, if you are in a position to do so, we would be ever so grateful if you could donate to them or even take part volunteering to see the fantastic work they do.

Visit their website here.