Back2Wellbeing has grown rapidly since our opening late last year (2018). We now proudly boast many regular patients who come to us for a variety of reasons i.e. managing pain linked with sporting injuries, to relieve tension & tight muscles or simply as a general MOT to keep their bodies in check and wellbeing in order.

We recently asked many of our regulars to provide us with feedback – we have collated the feedback of 127 patients and conveyed the wide-ranging general opinions below, our patients feel:

  1. They would recommend Back2Wellbeing to friends and family if they needed treatment
  2. That they were listened to
  3. They fully understood the details of the problematic areas & subsequent treatment
  4. They were able to ask questions
  5. They understood their treatment plan/homework
  6. They were genuinely cared for
  7. The practitioner genuinely wanted to be there


I have been treated so kindly- professionally- warmly – very effective treatment for my legs, beautiful feeling. I am now able to move much better – I will continue to have regular treatment with this kind-hearted lady. B.B (PORTSMOUTH)

Very professional and ethical – I feel amazing – my shoulder and back pain reduced straight away – I feel also that all my aches and pain being lifted immediately– I personally recommend anyone to have this treatment – the practitioner does not rush – I enjoy every single minute – I will 100% come back for regular treatment.. B.G (BOURNEMOUTH)

Quality service, second to none – I feel excellent after each massage. Very caring but professional too. I have been to lots of different places, but this organisation is so different, puts their patients first, never rush. D.M (PARKSTONE)

Very beneficial to my condition, great relief of pain. Very professional & I feel at ease and being listened to/ I will never have treatment elsewhere after experiencing this treatment – amazing. DEJ (SALISBURY)

Very impressive, general all over massage. Fantastic ability to identify problem areas, I would definitely keep coming and recommending the treatment to every one-money worth spending. M.B (FERNDOWN)

I have moral issues when it comes to traditional massage as I am a respectable individual in society. I have to be careful what type of massage I go to as the majority of organisations offer massage by showing the picture of the therapist or reiterating the look of the therapist, which is a bit dubious until I’d seen an advertisement of Back2Wellbeing. It sounds genuine, very ethical & methodical. I was bought by the good cause – the treatment speaks for itself. It was informative, educational, enlightening and more scientifically based than others. Excellent practitioner I had verses others that I have had. Already booked for next appointment – worth every penny. The treatment worked straight away. (Mr. L A – SURREY)

’I was not aware how massage and reflexology can have so much benefit to my health and wellbeing-definitely will come back and recommend to others’’ (Ms Emma – TOWNSEND)

‘’Before treatment, I felt so tense and achy all over my body but after reflexology I felt much better. It was definitely needed; I am relaxed & in less pain. Amazing how she knew that I was drinking and smoking more then I should be also good advice on a healthy diet – I definitely will come back for both full body massage and reflexology’’ (Miss R Crutcher -BOURNEMOUTH)

‘’It was a wonderful full body massage and was expert therapist throughout-will definitely recommend and will be back ‘’ (Mr T.O – BOURNEMOUTH)


I’ve had regular treatments that started 5 months ago. I was a bit surprised after the second treatment, I have seen the benefits of it even though I was a bit sceptical about it – I am fully recovered now & very happy with the result. I now see my therapist as and when I need to – she is very professional, ethical and knowledgeable in her field. Very caring and genuinely wanted to help me reach my full potential. W.N (DORCHESTER)

No longer do I need ED treatment as I am fully functioning after a few treatments – unbelievable. My fiancé is very happy with my performance. Thank you. N.J. (DORSET)

It’s a mind-blowing treatment – reassurance after first treatment I know that there is hope, I can finally make it better. Thank You – Thank You! M.S. (RINGWOOD)

After 2 treatments I noticed an obvious improvement in my performance, specifically the duration and the quality of erection – the practitioner has a unique ability to assist and effectively treat ED naturally through manipulation (trigger points) throughout. I would highly recommend trying this treatment- I personally find this method to be the most effective alongside being non-invasive. M.J. (MELBOURNE)

I have not experienced anything like this before – first treatment, I felt it. Have booked for next treatment. D.S. (BOURNEMOUTH)

I feel comfortable with receiving this traditional treatment and have a great hope for my speedy recovery. P.S.(BRIGHTON)


’An excellent treatment throughout definitely worthwhile and the best I ever experience compared with the others massage treatment I have had – made me feel very relaxed. Straight away reduced my pain-providing excellent advise on healthy life style and shown some back exercises- I would recommend every one having back and shoulder pain to have it treated here – booked for next treatment’’. (Mr DH – BOURNEMOUTH)

Thank you! My shoulder was bad, I felt much better straight away after first treatment, very relaxed and enjoyed the treatment considering I have visited lots of similar massage before – but I know this is the best treatment I have ever experienced – I will always book for the treatment each time I visit UK. ADZ (MUMBAI)


I am a regular at the gym (especially the past 6 months) as I’ve made a passive effort to get in better shape both physically and mentally. I mostly lift weights 3-4 times week when at the gym, go through my warm downs etc. but still always seem to be stiff or lack full mobility (particularly my shoulders). I don’t regularly receive treatments like this, so it was definitely out of my comfort zone to contact Back2Wellbeing – the practitioner Gerard made me feel at ease right away, asking about my problematic areas & explaining the actual treatment before getting started. I was amazed at how knowledgeable Gerard was about the human body i.e. he could recognise past injuries of mine that I’d forgotten about! We went through a variety of movements & motions where at times the practitioner applied pressure or had me twist in a certain way.

Immediately after the session I felt looser, more flexible and simply better all over. The main issue was my shoulders but as a result of the treatment and exercises to do at home (homework), my shoulders now feel great and I can work out without worrying about them so much. This treatment I had is more ‘manipulation,’ clicking and twisting which is exactly what I needed – WOULD RECOMMEND FOR ATHELETES! If you want more of a relaxing massage, this type of treatment is probably not for you. Very professional & quality service – will book again soon! (Mr. Haynes – BOURNEMOUTH)


Amazing treatment, I feel looser and not as tight – less stressed. S.B (BOURNEMOUTH)

I have been aching all over so decided to get a massage. This has been one of the best massages I have had. P.M (BOURNEMOUTH)

’Excellent the practitioner is warm & kind lady great humour but very knowledgeable in her field- I will have no hesitation to give a recommendation to have this treatment – THANK YOU’’ (Mrs Lawrence – BOURNEMOUTH)


Fabulous treatment – I can hold my bladder more than 3 hours now without having to stop at a petrol station. Ankle and back fully recovered after a few treatments – will keep doing my homework. T.J (SOMERSET)

After lots of caring and very fantastic treatment – my skin got better and I have also recently conceived – I will continue to do my exercises and will come back after I have the little one. C.C (BOURNEMOUTH)

I am very pleased with my treatment – the therapist is very good and passionate about what she is doing. My body feels so much better and relaxed, have booked for next session and intend to have regular treatments here – worth a very penny. V.C (BOURNEMOUTH)


I recently had a hot stone massage therapy with Linda as I was suffering from back and neck pain from whiplash injury following a road accident. I found this to be one of the most calming and relaxing therapies I’ve ever had, and felt the knots in my back and neck begin to dissolve during the session, as the hot stones, combined with hand massage really work deep into the muscles and soft tissue. I felt like a new person afterwards! I highly recommend their treatments to anyone, and they are very professional 10 out of 10. Andy


Linda is absolutely outstanding. After receiving not only a wonderful hot stone massage for my aching muscles, but also Quantum Touch on my right hand, I was amazed at the significant difference it made. My right hand was cramped due to continual writing for many days, however, after receiving the Quantum Touch it was truly incredible as I was able to move my wrist and wiggle my fingers without pain, plus no aching whatsoever. Thank you to Linda for her healing remedy. I would highly recommend everybody to receive both Quantum Touch and a hot stone massage by Linda as it’s truly magical and massively aids your body. Kat


The treatment is phenomenal, practitioner made me feel so comfortable & relaxed. It is the first time ever I have met a practitioner who is very knowledgeable in her field and the disease area- amazingly fantastic!! A.A (BRIGHTON)

I travel a lot and go to several different places for manual treatment – but this organisation thrills me when I read their website they donate some of our contribution to a good course (admirable – fabulous –the best treatment I have ever had- the most cost effective). The therapist never rushed and really cares, always have a very nice conversation. (E.B – LONDON)

Very thorough and precise would highly recommend to all and see you soon. (Mrs C.Coleman – BOURNEMOUTH)

Excellent treatment – great advise – I will be back. (Mr H – BOURNEMOUTH)

I felt so marvellous after treatment – will be back – thank you. (Mr PG – BOURNEMOUTH)

It’s amazing how after treatment my body felt so light – less pain and rejuvenated. (Miss Tess – BOURNEMOUTH)

First time here and found to be the best – profound and informative will be back. (Mr JA – SOUTHAMPTON)

Very knowledgeable and helpful I could feel my problem being resolved- thank you. (Mr TC – POOLE)

Excellent practitioner-understands the condition. Academic & scientific – will definitely repeat treatment. (Mr MN – Hemel Hempstead)

It’s a great therapist – I am delighted with the treatment – have booked for next treatment. (Mr JM- BOURNEMOUTH)

Very good massage – good identification of problem areas – I would definitely come back again. (Mr MD – WIMBORNE)

Excellent and informative – resolved my present issue. (Mr S – BOURNEMOUTH)

Fabulous treatment throughout – solved my present condition-definitely will be back and recommend anyone with the same symptoms. (Mr A – POOLE)

Amazing, very informative –so relaxed after treatment-would truly recommend. (Mr M – CHRISTCHURCH)

I was so pleased to find this treatment – I was not aware that this traditional science-based therapy really helped all my stiffness all over my joints and helped relieve pain. (Mr L Galia-Bou)