9 Therapeutic Benefits of Massage

1st November 2022

You may think of a spa and relaxation when you think of massage. While this is an undeniable benefit of massage, there are several therapeutic benefits. Whether you are injured, dealing with stress, or have specific health conditions, massage therapy by a trained professional can boost your overall well-being. Here is a quick look at ten biggest benefits of massage therapy.


Most of us are aware of the adverse effects of stress. The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) in the body can help you naturally cope with stress and recover from it.

Studies show that massage therapy can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Short periods of relaxation have been observed to produce regenerative effects and this can be facilitated with massage.

Pain relief

Several conditions may lead to acute and chronic pain. For example, massage can help the muscles relax, which may be carrying stress. As your muscles relax, they can release the stress they hold.

Improved blood circulation and inflammation relief

Intense exercise and some conditions may cause muscle inflammation. Massage can improve blood flow to specific areas, helping to reduce inflammation.

More energy

A massage can relax you enough to sleep. However, if you are feeling lethargic or are injured, massage therapy can improve your energy levels! Since massage aids circulation, cells receive more oxygen. Higher cellular oxygen makes you feel more energetic.

Better digestion

Do you know that the intestinal muscles help in digestion? Conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and certain mineral deficiencies can slow down digestion. Full-body massages can stimulate the muscles to aid digestion. Massage therapy also clears the toxins from the body, increasing the release of enzymes – both essential to good digestion.

Stay calm

In addition to physical stress, anxiety and life pressures can lead to mental and emotional stress. Massage therapy can help to release pent-up emotions, creating a sense of mental peace and calm.

Injury treatment

Massage therapy is a great complement to physiotherapy in case of injuries to the neck, back, knee or shoulders. Massage can help in improving movement and healing.

Correct posture

If one is carrying any injury, ailment, or tension the tendency to slouch increases. Massage can help avoid this by relieving that tension along the neck and spine, which plays a pivotal role in posture.

Headache relief

Headaches can be caused due to pain in the neck and shoulders, stress, or even pinched nerves. Since a professional massage can help decrease the issues associated with any of these, they inadvertently also help to decrease headaches.

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